Company visit as part of the International Women's Day on March 8

Organised by the “Styrian Economic Chamber/Referat Frau in der Wirtschaft“

In order to encourage especially women to found a company, CFO and co-founder of Mettop, Iris Filzwieser, gave interesting insights about her daily business. The invited women, coming from all different sectors of economy, carefully listened as Iris Filzwieser explained how she manages the balance between being a mother of four children AND running a company.

Everybody got a very positive but also realistic image of entrepreneurial autonomy with the central message that this is never the easy way but “where there is a will, there is way!


Assembling Stage in Full Swing  

Final Engineering and Construction Phase for ILTEC at voestalpine Donawitz, Austria

After some time of temporary halt, the construction of the ILTEC facility is now in full operation. For this special application of cooling the flanges of the RH degassing facility, the technology is even more sophisticated. Due to the regularly changes of the nozzles and the lower vessel part respectively, a nitrogen purging for flushing the cooled parts is implemented. This guarantees a perfectly safe operation mode with ILTEC and at the same time allows a loss-free change of vessel parts.

The completion of the facility will be in the middle of May 2017 whereas the industrial scale implementation will be realised end of this year.



Mettop GmbH, founded in 2005, is an independent Austrian engineering company, specialised in the design, optimisation, and engineering of technologies for metallurgical processes. It is active in the field of pyro- as well as hydrometallurgy of non-ferrous metals and recently also started with innovative cooling systems for the iron and steel industry.

The scope of services comprises optimisation solutions in the area of furnace integrity, combining refractory selection and layout, gas purging systems and cooling elements. In the field of hydrometallurgy, a new electrolysis technology - the METTOP-BRX Technology - was developed and is in operation to allow an acceleration of the electrolytic refining of up to 50 percent. For all metallurgical aggregates and equipment, Mettop developed the new and water-free cooling technology ILTEC, that uses an ionic liquid as cooling medium, for creating new pathways towards safe and efficient cooling for the entire metallurgical industry.

In addition, Mettop is internationally active in terms of technical consulting (process optimisation) and operator training for customers in the non-ferrous metals industry, and also assists in the optimisation of risk management in metallurgical plants. 

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