PolyMet Solutions GmbH 

A 50/50 Joint Venture between Mettop and SMS Group for Non-Ferrous Industry 

PolyMet Solutions GmbH with their headquarter in Leoben, Austria, was founded as a joint venture by SMS Group, Germany and Mettop GmbH, Austria in May 2016.

The aim and goal of PolyMet Solutions is the combination of both, the superior process know-how and innovative components supply of Mettop GmbH in the non-ferrous metals area and the plant engineering and supply capabilities of the SMS group GmbH. PolyMet Solutions offers complete designs and layouts for primary smelters, converters (including an optimised Peirce Smith converter design) and anode furnaces in the copper industry.

Together with SMS Group and Mettop it will thus be possible to supply complete process routes, extending as far as electrolysis and the subsequent processing of semi-finished products. PolyMet Solutions will expand its range of products and services for the planning and supply of equipment and facilities also to the producers of lead, zinc, tin and other non-ferrous metals.


Thinking out of the box

Errichtung eines Parallelflussgeräts (parallel flow device) in einem Beiztank

In der Böhler Bleche GmbH & Co KG, Mürzzuschlag, Österreich, wurde im September 2016 ein völlig neuer und innovativer Ansatz zur Verwendung des Parallelflussgeräts (PFD) realisiert. Für eine bessere Bewegung und somit optimierte Kinetik des Beizprozesses zirkuliert die Säure durch eine Reihe von Düsen über eine parallele Strömungsvorrichtung. Dies gewährleistet eine perfekt geführte Strömung zur Gewährleistung einer homogeneren Säureverteilung. Die insgesamt 16 Düsen sorgen für eine perfekte Zirkulation zwischen den einzelnen Stahlblechen und können somit sowohl die Produktivität verbessern als auch eine gleichmäßigere Oberflächenqualität erzeugen.                              

about us

Mettop GmbH, founded in 2005, is an independent Austrian engineering company, specialised in design, optimisation, and engineering of technologies for metallurgical processes. It is active in the field of pyro- as well as hydrometallurgy of non-ferrous metals and recently also started with innovative cooling systems for the iron and steel industry.

The scope of services comprises optimisation solutions in the area of furnace integrity, combining refractory selection and layout, gas purging systems and cooling elements. In the field of hydrometallurgy, a new electrolysis technology - the METTOP-BRX Technology - was developed and is in operation to allow an acceleration of the electrolytic refining of up to 50 percent. For all metallurgical aggregates and equipment, Mettop developed the new and water-free cooling technology ILTEC, that uses an ionic liquid as cooling medium, for creating new pathways towards safe and efficient cooling for the entire metallurgical industry.

In addition, Mettop is internationally active in terms of technical consulting (process optimisation) and operator training for customers in the non-ferrous metals industry, and also assists in the optimisation of risk management in metallurgical plants. 

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