Successful commissioning of ILTEC cooling

Safe cooling of two converter lances 

Since October 2020, the lances of two converters are cooled with ILTEC to improve safety and production efficiency at Heesung PMTech in Korea. A test in December 2019 proved that the converting rate could be enhanced by a safe lowering the lance level. For the permanent cooling of the lances a small and compact system has now been delivered.

More information about the ILTEC Technology: 

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IL-B2001 - Decrease of minimum operational temperature to -10 °C

Recent R&D development could now distinctly lower the crystallization temperature of IL-B2001 for ensuring a minimum operational temperature of -10 °C. 

However, the real crystallization temperature is well below - 30 °C.

The new additives makes an operation in cold environment possible without additional heating elements and diminishes the need of  insulation of piping and components. 


Innovative Team for your success

Mettop GmbH, founded in 2005, is an independent Austrian engineering company, specialized in the design, optimization, and engineering of technologies for metallurgical processes. Mettop is active in the field of pyro- as well as hydrometallurgy of non-ferrous metals and furthermore serves with innovative cooling systems for the iron and steel industry. The scope of services comprises of optimization solutions in the area of furnace integrity, combining refractory selection and layout, gas purging systems and cooling elements. In the field of hydrometallurgy, a new electrolysis technology - the METTOP-BRX Technology - was patented and is in operation to allow an acceleration of the electrolytic refining of up to 50 percent. For all metallurgical aggregates and equipment, Mettop developed the new and water-free cooling technology ILTEC, that uses an ionic liquid as the cooling medium, to create new pathways towards safe and efficient cooling for the entire metallurgical industry.

In addition, Mettop is internationally active in terms of technical consulting (process optimization), operator training for customers in the non-ferrous metals industry, and assists also in the optimization of risk management in metallurgical plants.

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                    Our Mission

Our innovative ideas and partly unconventional methods enable us to crush old crusts and set new standards. This means that we set the standard that others follow and achieve maximum added value for our customers. 

Motivated by the challenges of our customers, our employees succeed in impressing and inspiring our clients by implementing their projects. 

Together as a group at the Leoben site, we manage to design environmentally friendly and highly profitable recycling processes, as well as offering tailor-made solutions and process developments. 

Communication within the team is the key to mutual success.