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Erzmetall-World of Metallurgy magazine 05/2016 - Download (see also HERE)
Furnace Integrity - Conference Proceedings of Copper Cobre 2016, Kobe Japan - Download
ILTEC Technology - Conference Proceedings of Copper Cobre 2016, Kobe Japan - Download
TMS 2017 - METTOP-BRX Technology - Download
Furnace Integrity - Conference Proceedings of the EMC, Leipzig, Germany 2017 - Download
ILTEC Technology for use in EAF - 3rd ESTAD, Vienna, Austria - Download
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BHM Publication of the ILTEC Technology (see also HERE)
IonicLife Cast - High Performance Copper Coolers PAPER ERZMETALL - Download
Innovation in der Hestellung von Kühlformen aus Kupferguss - Download
EMC 2021 DigMet ESCD presentation by DI Matthias Lindthaler ESCD - Download
EMC 2021 ionicLife cast technology presentation by Dr. Hans-Jörg Krassnig - Download
EMC 2021 ILTEC technology presentation by Dr. Andreas Filzwieser - Download
EMC 2021 HENRI MiniSmelter Concept presentation by Dr. Stefan Konetschnik - Download
COM 2021 „METTOP-BRX Technology - Download
COM 2021 „Development of Advanced E-Waste Recycling Facilities“ - Download
ESTAD 2021 Bypassing Problems related to Water Cooling - Concepts for ILTEC (see also HERE)
ESTAD 2021 ionicLife Cast - High performance copper coolers copper (see also HERE)
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Houska-prize Nomination - Video explaining the ILTEC Technology (see video HERE)
Dr. Iris Filzwieser - Manager - Metallurgist - Mother (see video HERE)
IL-B2001 - Non-explosive reaction with liquid copper and the superior cooling medium (see video HERE)
METTOP-BRX Technology (parallel flow plate) - Filling of the tankhouse (see video HERE)
METTOP - Using Purging Plugs in an anode furnace (see video HERE)
3D lining sequence (see video HERE)
Installation Video of METTOP-BRX Technology (see video HERE)
CFD model of the HENRI furnace (see video HERE)
Mettop - stands for innovative system solutions (see video HERE)
Mettop - the next generation in the EAF application only with the ionicLifecat technology (see video HERE)